Prevaricating [verb]

Definition of Prevaricating:

deceive; stretch the truth

Synonyms of Prevaricating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prevaricating:

Sentence/Example of Prevaricating:

It's the other woman-lover—the prevaricating, sly, low-class, amorous cuss!

But to Mrs. Kilgore he very naturally seemed to be prevaricating.

He was, so far, all truth; I was prevaricating—and we both knew it!

The prevaricating clock continued its dilatory march of time.

“Why, you told me not to,” said the girl, prevaricating purposely.

I would not, for the world, have had Millington think I thought he was prevaricating.

Was not Jacob a mean, prevaricating knave, a crafty, abject cheat?

He did not call us a liar, but he looked as if he thought that we were prevaricating.

"I think you are prevaricating, Glew," said the acid tones of Mrs. Peters.

Prevaricating replies lead to suspicion, and suspicion to discovery.