Prevaricator [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Prevaricator:

You are a prevaricator, for you tell things which are not so.

I'm not after sayin' me father was a prevaricator—no, indeed!

She was not alone a dunce when it came to acting, she was a prevaricator as well.

"Hampton's a prevaricator," he said gravely, as he looked down into the merry blue eyes turned up to him.

He was not willingly a prevaricator, and hated thoroughly to make explanations concerning it.

Everything this girl said made her more of a prevaricator, even though she might be innocent of crime.

But an Englishman is nothing if not a prevaricator; he calls it being scrupulously truthful.

For if I build up again the things which I have destroyed, I make myself a prevaricator.

Mr. Rabbit, you are all these—a lazy, shiftless sneak, thief and prevaricator.'