Preventable [adjective]

Definition of Preventable:

able to be averted

Synonyms of Preventable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Preventable:

Sentence/Example of Preventable:

Fortunately, however, this is an accident that is as preventable as it is common.

The disease is preventable, and will probably be stamped out in time.

There is still poverty in Western Europe, but it is preventable poverty.

Many diseases and much sickness are preventable that are not communicable.

Adenoids and defective vision are preventable, but not contagious.

This gives us 36,000 cases of preventable disease in the year.

I know of no disease that can be made so preventable as this.

The principal defects in hides are preventable, and ought to be prevented.

Nobody knows precisely what the preventable wastes of the industry are.

Diphtheria is preventable and, when properly treated with antitoxin, is curable.