Preventing [verb]

Definition of Preventing:

keep from happening or continuing

Opposite/Antonyms of Preventing:

Sentence/Example of Preventing:

This tassel is for catching the blood and preventing it from greasing the handle.

She wants to talk to me, they are preventing her—she will want to twice as much.

Camilla started to interrupt him, but, preventing, he held up his hand.

And he who is most skilful in preventing or escaping from a disease is best able to create one?

Thus did he compensate them with the view of preventing any race from becoming extinct.

Preventing his recapture, the mob bore him off to the Church of the Cerviti.

This aids in preventing decay and slipping of the epidermis.

He might have a way of preventing, from a distance, the registering of his ship on our screen.

If they determined to find out, she must find some means of preventing their going.

Tell how a scout may cooperate with the board of health in preventing disease.