Preventive [adjective]

Definition of Preventive:


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Sentence/Example of Preventive:

I regret to say that I have no specific to give as a preventive for sea-sickness.

But the preventive power was what they preferred to exercise.

I understand some fool urged her to try this as a preventive of mal-de-mer.

Unexpected as it may seem, vaccination is not only a preventive of smallpox, but a cure for it.

Similarly, by preventive measures, we are controlling the other diseases.

I followed you as you went to the Preventive man to-night; but it is no use.

It can be taken at any time, and as a preventive as well as a curative.

The only preventive or remedy for this condition is circumcision.

And yet it unquestionably has a preventive purpose and meaning.

There we shall be in full view of the posts of the Preventive men.