Preyed [verb]

Definition of Preyed:

ravage, steal

Synonyms of Preyed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Preyed:







Sentence/Example of Preyed:

All this preyed on my mind, though, and I used to cry all night.

Knowing this, they are preyed upon by thousands of foreign swindlers.

His face was dark with all the passions which had preyed upon the man.

She wept bitterly, and took it to heart so, it preyed on her health and spirits.

In Europe it is preyed upon by minute ichneumon flies (Chalcids).

This so preyed on my mind that when the party returned, they found me delirious.

The grief which preyed in secret on her soul soon undermined her health.

But the lion who preyed upon the tribe was taking his siesta.

They were but human beings, food for imposture, and preyed on by deceivers.

And after them went the cowardly dingoes that preyed on their young.