Preying [adjective]

Definition of Preying:


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Sentence/Example of Preying:

And this idea of restraint was preying upon him, and he could not throw it off.

He noticed that some secret grief was preying upon the Prince's mind.

He compelled Algiers to prevent her pirates from preying upon our commerce.

The whining dogs are preying upon your simpleness, mistress Israel.

Predaceous: applied to insects that live by preying upon other organisms.

I found afterwards that he was lying to me and was preying upon my love for mother.

In a few weeks I believe I should also get a preying on my mind.

But I ought to go for him to prevent him from preying upon other people!

When the gourd is all flourishing, a worm may unseen be preying at its root!

How long have these fellows been preying upon the community?