Priceless [adjective]

Definition of Priceless:

precious, irreplaceable

Synonyms of Priceless:

Opposite/Antonyms of Priceless:

Sentence/Example of Priceless:

There is no one so humble, but that he owes to others this simple but priceless instruction.

He was prepared to meet dazzling wonders of gems or priceless metal.

You'll have to pay for somethin' that's priceless, and how are you goin' to do that?

Talked about 'old family glass' and 'priceless airloons' or some such.

Tables, divans, and rugs of priceless design and workmanship.

Then there is this priceless revelation of his art when questioning his class in Paris.

Priceless silks and satins swept against my modest stockings.

Their precious evening ended in a priceless quarrel of amazing violence.

What is hard, what is priceless, is getting the men and getting the men together.

For the safety of its priceless forest, there are far too few trails.