Pricing [verb]

Definition of Pricing:

assess financial value

Synonyms of Pricing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pricing:


Sentence/Example of Pricing:

But they object altogether to pricing after the American fashion.

You can see it, as much as you like, and even amuse yourself with pricing it.

The new law also contains provisions for pricing imports and exports and for establishing retail prices of consumer goods.

The first series was reproduced in the second, except with American rather than British pricing.

Yet he loved books, and he would loiter about bookshops, pricing first editions, and talking poetry to the patrons.

The first edition (Paris, 1609) is a rare prize to collectors,—a London catalogue of 1878 pricing it at 45.

But what Microsoft fails to understand is that the problem lies with its pricing policy – not with the pirates.

I tried on a coat to-day, while pricing different things, of Australian grey bear.

At a draper's shop in the Bigg Market Nell found a "chip" quite to her mind, but on pricing it, alas!

I turned immediately into a shop and worked along down the counter, pricing things and watching out of the corner of my eye.