Prideful [adjective]

Definition of Prideful:


Opposite/Antonyms of Prideful:


Sentence/Example of Prideful:

Cab drivers hailed him as a likely fare, to his prideful content.

"And there ain't another like it in the whole world," went on the prideful Hodges.

Miss Hawes took his arm, with a soft, prideful sigh, and they moved off.

"You can revile me as much as you like now, Nan," he said, with prideful humility.

At the moment the roads seemed quite deserted, and their little roadster hummed along with all its prideful speed and importance.

The question was put slowly, but the reply came with prompt and prideful certitude.

(p. 355), why omit the peaceful or prideful and victorious record of some 9-10 years on its either verge?

The Lone Wolf had a prideful look which he held was one of the beneficent effects of his medicine.

She had spoken with a defensive tone, one hardly certain, but as she finished a prideful note crept into her voice.

But they were safe, and in a prideful, self-conscious, young-mother way she began to wash the five.