Pried [verb]

Definition of Pried:

interfere in someone else's business

Synonyms of Pried:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pried:

Sentence/Example of Pried:

While the mill was at rest he pried into its internal machinery.

This they pried up, but it required all their strength to lift and stand it on edge.

There were such a bewildering lot of them, now that I had pried open my eyes.

To prove she was wrong he went and pried the cistern cover off to look, and fell in.

This will soften the compound so that the cover can be pried off.

Archie pried the third bar out and broke the fourth with a blow.

"Room to rent," says I, for it looked like we'd pried open a vacant flat.

There was no window that had been pried open and no door left unlocked.

The mouth must not be held open as if the jaws were pried apart.

"Then he should not have pried into Lhari matters," said the younger Lhari fiercely.