Priesthood [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Priesthood:

Such was the manner in which he had ascended step by step to the priesthood.

But unlike Froment he cannot shake off the shackles of his priesthood.

It would be vain for him to try to obliterate the traces of his priesthood.

We of the priesthood of science saw the inevitable disaster.

The archbishop never had any inclination for the priesthood.

For Ireland is in a state of slavery—not to England, but to the priesthood.

It was well for the household of Ameres that he occupied so exalted a position in the priesthood.

This class, men and women, are completely under the guidance of the priesthood.

Their priesthood—if it can be called a priesthood—is patriarchal.

His name was Bassi, and like myself he had given up the priesthood.