Prigs [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Prigs:

The Prigs who despise the people are often loaded with lands and crowned.

"But we're all prigs," Gilbert said once in reply to some one who sneered at Roger.

Were we to attempt to do so it would make us prigs and prudes.

The Philistines loved him for his world‑wide popularity; the prigs in spite of it!

Come along, Spooney,' and the pair of prigs retire superciliously.

Snobs and prigs do the first; bashful and mean people do the second.

But any private club of prigs can be judges of whether he ought to be a citizen.

Let prigs and pedants, said he, keep all the nasty manufacture to themselves.

John, again like all other prigs, was patient with those not so gifted as himself.

Broadly speaking, profligates are better company than prigs.