Primacy [noun]

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Athelard, who succeeded Jaenbert in 790, had the primacy restored to him.

The primacy of Ra is illustrated by the fact that Amon was identified with him.

Its primacy is not only one of time, but of importance also.

It was the price paid for its submission to the Primacy of Armagh.

But we are not told the exact date of his deposition from his primacy.

He himself was earl as well as bishop, he was wealthy, he was certain of the Primacy.

There appears then no ultimate "primacy" of either idea or fact over the other.

Still, there was a primacy of honor in the inquisitor-generalship.

But what alarmed them most was the subject of dispute—the primacy of the pope!

The Kantian primacy of the practical reason is here made a truth.