Primal [adjective]

Definition of Primal:

primeval; primary

Synonyms of Primal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Primal:


Sentence/Example of Primal:

The primal impulse of vice and sin is a short cut to happiness.

She trusted all the primal instincts without knowing she trusted them.

And that must mean that Laotsze was that very same Yellow Ancient of primal days.

We see, then, that the primal ground of inferiority in these pleasures 5.

The primal laws do not take into account our ideas of respectability.

The higher order can come only by getting back to primal laws.

Good or bad, a man must be a man in the primal sense, dominant, savage and enduring.

The hatchet, the saw, and the plane are the three primal implements of the carpenter.

Have you seen the primal dew ere the sun has lipped the pearl?

The mass of men live not by logic, but by primal instincts and passions.