Primaries [noun]

Definition of Primaries:

highest in rank; first in order

Synonyms of Primaries:

Opposite/Antonyms of Primaries:

Sentence/Example of Primaries:

This year the men were more willing to have us go to the primaries than we were to go.

This was based upon a simplification of Newtons seven primaries.

From that time on, there were meetings and caucuses and primaries every night.

You will find that not two per cent of the voters go to the primaries.

Each of these is composed of, or can be resolved into, two primaries.

And now here's the primaries coming off and a new Railroad Commission going in.

The fact leads me to suspect that I am wrong, after all in this matter of the primaries.

Orange, green and violet, each a combination of two primaries.

Primaries are conducted similar to elections—about same laws and regulations.

The horizon line of the primaries will be serrated, peaked, and jagged.