Primed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Primed:

One morning the constables left the hotel, primed with a little whiskey.

Our carbines are primed, friend, so stand true to your promise!'

And now there it was, loaded and primed, so to speak, and she was responsible.

Mr. O'Rourke had been investigating and was primed with knowledge.

It were a madness to suppose him primed for a situation which none could have foreseen.

When Paul gave the signal he would be primed for his part in the proceedings.

Then the vent was primed with loose powder from the gunner's flask.

And by the sparkle in her eyes I can guess she's all primed for a reg'lar party.

Such was the story which Maleotti, primed thereto by Simone, had to tell.

They all fell harmless in and around the spot where the men stood, behind their ramparts, with muskets loaded and primed.