Primitive [adjective]

Definition of Primitive:

ancient, original

Synonyms of Primitive:

Opposite/Antonyms of Primitive:

Sentence/Example of Primitive:

I'm a primitive woman, and Dick's a primitive man--and, thank God!

For once, he had expressed that fondness in a primitive fashion, and he was glad.

The accommodation was as primitive as are the weapons, and that was saying a good deal.

This primitive arrangement, we are told, astonished all who heard it.

He would reduce us to the example of the primitive ages, forsooth!

Apart from the primitive age of the Catacombs, had Rome ever been Christian?

The whole climb of civilization had been away from these primitive things.

It is this phase of primitive society that we have to investigate.

The author of Primitive Culture (Mr. Tylor) rebels against this theory.

Their use was in its infancy, and their character was primitive.