Primogeniture [noun]

Definition of Primogeniture:

possession gained through someone's death

Synonyms of Primogeniture:

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Sentence/Example of Primogeniture:

We need not hesitate to attribute the change to the influence of Primogeniture.

Here then emerges the historical difficulty of Primogeniture.

Socially it appears far more just and reasonable than the custom of primogeniture.

Then occurred an extraordinary hitch in the history of primogeniture.

Yet in the case of primogeniture our opinion would have to be modified.

Was then a right of primogeniture to be admitted in the church, as in noble families?

Curiously enough, the Mangaians seem to be sticklers for primogeniture.

I look at society as it is, not as it would be if we had primogeniture and a landed aristocracy.

It is owing to primogeniture that while there is a nobility in England there is no noblesse.

For Aaron was not by primogeniture head of the tribe of Levi.