Printings [noun]

Definition of Printings:

a process of reproduction

Synonyms of Printings:

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Sentence/Example of Printings:

There is little use in printing a story in a newspaper that will be laughed at, is there?

This invention was the method of printing with movable types.

There were no other developments of note in the practice of printing during the 18th century.

First, however, he must go to London to buy a printing outfit.

There had been, it is true, some improvements over Franklin's printing press.

It was an imitation of printing, with the amounts filled in.

There are curious precedents on record for the printing of unspoken speeches.

It was for the times a good paper, and the printing was admirably done.

The printing of anarchist literature was the only 'activity' she seemed to be aware of there.

Printing was a step downward, for it was a trade, and Orion felt it keenly.