Prior [adjective]

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Have we not all an interest in it, and a prior right, if right were to have taken place?

When he had come to where the Prior sat, he knelt upon one knee.

Then the first word that the Prior said to him was "Hast thou brought my money?"

Beside the Bishop rode the Prior of Emmet upon a mincing palfrey.

I was afraid you might have had some prior engagement, and would have found it impossible to be with us.'

For ten years prior to my father's death he took no active part in the business.

"Let him be ordained as soon as possible," said his Majesty to the prior.

You will learn from it that, prior to the war, about fifty per cent.

But let me ask a prior question: You admit that there are differences of arts?

And we agreed that if the soul was prior to the body, the things of the soul were prior to the things of the body?