Prioress [noun]

Definition of Prioress:

woman in religious order

Synonyms of Prioress:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prioress:


Sentence/Example of Prioress:

In the meantime they proposed to me the engagement, and the post of prioress.

The large refectory was exchanged for the small chamber of the prioress.

Margery replied courteously, but she had no desire to see much of the Prioress.

“I rejoice that you take my meaning,” answered the Prioress, in an even voice.

Only a few minutes had elapsed when the Prioress herself appeared.

Robin had swooned, and lay a dead weight in the arms of the Prioress.

In 1414 the community consisted of the prioress and six or seven nuns.

In the eyes of Chaucer the prioress was a thoroughly estimable person.

See the description of the Prioress in the Prologue, A. 118.

She is lively, affectionate, and amiable, but she affects dignity as a Prioress should.