Prioritizing [verb]

Definition of Prioritizing:

plan out; supply instructions

Synonyms of Prioritizing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prioritizing:

Sentence/Example of Prioritizing:

This isn’t the first way that Lowe’s has prioritized helping minority business-owners since the coronavirus pandemic began.

Atkins promised later in the week to prioritize the decertification measure in the next session.

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If politicians don’t want to see cities burn, they must prioritize real change.

Since introducing online shopping in 2000, the company hasn’t always prioritized digital sales.

They may be adequate for touch-ups on steels that prioritize edge retention, but they will likely prove frustrating or inadequate if you are trying to bring the edge on one of those steels back from the dead.

Which means that that gives those two companies, essentially — the Democrats and the Republicans — the incentive to prioritize other customers.

We have a number of initiatives going… for me it’s all about balance, prioritization and prioritizing the time for the things that are important to me, my family, my own health and well-being.

They never once prioritized getting schools open to serve that crucial function in our society.

That paired with nation-wide calls for systematic changes has media companies reconsidering how diversity and inclusion are prioritized within their business processes and cultures.