Priory [noun]

Definition of Priory:

building that houses monks, nuns, or priests; church

Synonyms of Priory:

Opposite/Antonyms of Priory:


Sentence/Example of Priory:

The new establishment, however, was for monks only, and was for some time merely a priory.

His portrait hangs in one of the drawing-rooms of the Priory.

Lent her by Father Christopher of the priory, forsooth—that is ever her answer.

Ah, by my finger bones, there is my sweet Mary from the Priory Mill!

There was a letter from Aunt Rachel waiting for her at the Priory.

There was a chapel on one side, the buildings of the Priory on the others.

In ancient times it was a priory, and it has been a castle since the Norman Conquest.

The old Judge was very sad after Lucy's departure from the Priory.

It was to be their last evening at the Nest; on the morrow they were to leave it for the Priory.

It was for this very quality the Priory had gained its fame.