Prismatic [adjective]

Definition of Prismatic:


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Sentence/Example of Prismatic:

Through his prismatic glasses Kingozi could see every detail plainly.

Iridicolor: any color so broken up as to reflect the prismatic hues.

The spray caught the sun and the prismatic colors added to the scene.

In the gray Trant atmosphere she flashed with prismatic fires.

And, by the way, why in Heaven's name 'a prismatic compass'?

The prismatic colours of a fashionable school of art may stain them.

You are right in saying that blue, red, and yellow are the prismatic colours.

It may be obtained in prismatic crystals by exposure to a temperature of 3°.

Prismatic Lake is the most perfect spring of its kind in the world.

These, when separated, as they may be by a glass prism, compose the prismatic spectrum.