Prisoners [noun]

Definition of Prisoners:

person jailed for crime; person kept against his or her will

Synonyms of Prisoners:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prisoners:


Sentence/Example of Prisoners:

The prisoners came in, attended by the Phylarchi of their different wards.

But its prisoners were not exempt from its heat, like certain holy ones of old.

They had at the time two or three of his neighbours in handcuffs as prisoners.

Mrs. Bartlett marched her prisoners through the gate and up to the house.

All our prisoners were released, and about thirty of the enemy taken.

We agreed to this also, but were soon convinced their policy was to take us prisoners.

The prisoners, at first, had great liberty allowed them, on board the Ramilies.

Another post on the main, also, commanded the prisoners' barracks.

We marched two and two, being something like eighty prisoners.

The lieutenant now denounced us, and we prisoners were all put in irons.