Prisons [noun]

Definition of Prisons:

residence for incarcerating criminals

Synonyms of Prisons:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prisons:


Sentence/Example of Prisons:

He leaves the prison gates, he makes his way to his old home, but his old home is not there.

I fancied it in the fields, in the gardens, in the palace, in the prison.

The ranges are wide enough, but they're a prison just the same.

If a call come to a man in prison it will be by an angel who can let him out.

One or two were in prison of whom when she left she was in great hope.

"They sent her to prison for three years," she answered, sharply.

"Sending me to prison won't stop it," Mary Turner said, drearily.

"I don't have to ask if you have been in prison," she said gravely.

The school is a prison in which work is a punishment and a curse.

She had won her ambition of years, revenge on the man who had sent her to prison.