Pristine [adjective]

Definition of Pristine:

characteristic of earlier times; primitive; unspoiled; clean, pure; primeval

Synonyms of Pristine:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pristine:

Sentence/Example of Pristine:

It will need the air of heaven to revive its pristine energies.

With their pristine colors, and fill them with light and with movement.

But the Burschenschaft in its pristine glory could not so long continue.

She eats it, and immediately her love for Ivan returns in all its pristine force.

These artists were men alone, touched with the pristine significance of nature.

Medicine and religion have been closely associated from the most pristine time.

There you have the profound and pristine conscious awareness that you are you.

Hence the true mindlessness of the pristine, healthy mother.

The country is wild, and in its pristine state; nature everywhere.

At the time of Ralegh's birth the family had lost its pristine splendour.