Privation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Privation:

We went on a short allowance; and suffered a good deal by the privation.

They must, therefore, be protected from any privation whatever, independently of anything that I may do.

How pitiable are their physical conditions, their privation and distress of body!

It was not the dread of failure and privation which troubled him.

To this privation submarine warfare has contributed materially.

Present privation was to have had its recompense—at least we thought so.'

In fact, if any man's external could proclaim want and privation, his did.

What a strange life of privation, thought I, alone and companionless as he must be!

It was no privation for Cashel to follow a course so much in accordance with his wishes.

Abraham Lincoln was born to poverty and privation, but he was never a pauper.