Privative [adjective]

Definition of Privative:

bad, contradictory

Opposite/Antonyms of Privative:

Sentence/Example of Privative:

Blindness is a 'privative', to be blind is to be in a state of privation, but is not a 'privative'.

It is a negative principle, and negative in the sense of privative.

Name from - privative and , foliage, alluding to the naked stalks.

Ex, Latin prefix; privative in place of "e" when next letter is a vowel.

He contended that cold was probably only privative, and not a positive existence.

Here also it is demonstrated how the privative nature of evil should be understood.

Distinguish between positive, negative, and privative names.

The evil in matter is due to its negative or privative aspect as the formless, which makes it the cause of defect and evil.

The privative can help us nowhere and to nothing; the positive only can assist our reasoning.

The only consistent course is to use the privative "a," and stand to the term which means "without Theos, without God-idea."