Privileges [noun]

Definition of Privileges:

right, due

Synonyms of Privileges:

Opposite/Antonyms of Privileges:

Sentence/Example of Privileges:

There are others, perhaps, who have not been fully sensible of the privileges which they enjoyed.

We have asked for no privileges we would not extend to others.

The white man's prestige and privileges were invested in him.

Doubtless his new ethereal form has its capacities and privileges.

They will not readily yield up their scapegoat or sacrifice their privileges.

Why, then, should privileges be conceded to one beneficiary which are denied to all others?

I require the abolition of privileges, of titles, and of monopolies.

The cat was a martinet in her way, and she demanded all the privileges of her sex.

How about the girls—do they enjoy the privileges of these free baths?

See to it that you place a just value upon these privileges, and that you do not abuse them.