Prizes [noun]

Definition of Prizes:

award, winnings

Opposite/Antonyms of Prizes:

Sentence/Example of Prizes:

At that time the English cruisers sent in many American vessels as prizes.

Here the hill men stood, to resist the attack and hold their prizes.

The tragedy competition was over, and the prizes had been awarded.

At the New York show in 1895, and at several other shows, he has won first prizes.

He had all the points which an Arab prizes in his favourite barb.

There are some things better than prizes, or knowledge even.

On his passage the ship he was in made two prizes on this coast.

Prizes would be distributed by her ladyship when the final round was finished.

Also the gracious condescension in presenting the prizes with her own hand.

Then, in turn, the winners were called up to select their prizes.