Pro [adjective]

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C4-6 are a reduplication, not unnatural indeed, but pro tanto tautological.

“Yes, but not for motion without the ‘pro,’” objected de Spain.

You will never be happy if the pro and the con distress you alike.

Don't you see that with Sawyer on pro there's a big hole in the line?

The Catholics raised the banner "Pro religione et libertate!"

When we parted, did you go to Scotland, as you pro—o—po—sed?

Pro' teus—an ocean deity who lived at the bottom of the sea.

There was so much to be said, pro and con, that it was a most difficult point to decide.

"I'm looking after the business just now," admitted the pro tem.

When she had reacted from her first shock she fell to pondering the matter, pro and con.