Probable [adjective]

Definition of Probable:

likely to happen

Synonyms of Probable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Probable:

Sentence/Example of Probable:

To Billy Brue was allotted the easiest as being the most probable route.

Was it probable that she had anything suitable to wear to a lecture?

The St. is an apt illustration of the probable workings of Plautus' mind.

He was a little ahead of them; but it was not probable that the driver would stop for him.

She remembered the bitterness of her month's exile, and its probable cause.

It is probable that Handel himself had contributed to the downfall of the Academy.

But that night the camp was warned that an attack was probable.

"It is probable you speak lies," said the gun bearer at last.

It is probable the enemy did not keep his luff, towards the last, on account of the land.

I think it probable I sculled away from the spot, as there was nothing to guide me.