Probably [adverb]

Definition of Probably:

likely to happen

Opposite/Antonyms of Probably:

Sentence/Example of Probably:

"Because you'd probably have to go to the poorhouse," said Halbert, insolently.

"He was probably afraid to tell you," said Halbert, with a slight sneer.

You will probably see me out again in a few days, if you take the trouble to look.

The poor devil had consumption, too, and probably he'll never see them again.

Probably there was no boy present whose suit was of such fine material as his.

Probably all of you have read of our enthusiastic reception at Adelaide.

There could probably be no concealment, certainly no explanation.

In its fright, it had probably mistaken us for a band of buffalo.

They are probably the richest and most comfortable population of Europe at this hour.

There is probably no person living of whom the same is not true.