Probationary [adjective]

Definition of Probationary:

conditional, experimental

Synonyms of Probationary:

Opposite/Antonyms of Probationary:

Sentence/Example of Probationary:

In 1756 there were 48 pastors at work, with 22 probationary preachers and students.

And with Mr. O'Donnell it would be probationary for the first fortnight or month.

With adults this was regarded as a probationary agreement to marry.

That in its probationary character lies its educative influence.

Father Paul meantime had had his share in the probationary action.

The first or probationary degree of the Order is intended for the masses.

You mean you permitted a probationary physician to perform this kind of surgery?

I will welcome those conflicts as they come, as probationary ones.

I went to the country, full of hope, at the end of my six probationary months.

Before a full-time student proceeds to higher education, he must pass a probationary period of one year in production work.