Proboscis [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Proboscis:

The elephant thrust his proboscis into the lake, which disturbed the reflection.

The scarcest monkey in Borneo is the proboscis, or long-nosed.

He tried his proboscis upon one curiosity after another, in vain.

One of them, a round one, fell on the floor, just out of reach of his proboscis.'

In the grub he has detected the rudiment of the wing and proboscis of the future being.

The strangest portion of the Elephant is the trunk, or proboscis.

Between the oral openings of the two opposed rhinocann (one dorsal and one ventral) lies the proboscis of the central capsule.

The connection with the proboscis of the gallinipper is especially apt.

The proboscis is slender, hollow, muscular, and full of nerves.

In the case of both of these genera the mouth is situated at the end of a proboscis.