Processed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Processed:

They keep their cattle on his land, although he has, since then, processed them for trespass.

"Make her one of us," repeated Mrs. Vyse, and processed to bed.

You were processed so beautifully that no one could tell the difference.

They were, which I processed, and from which I got no prints.

If they prove to be uninfected they can be processed for meat storage.

You don't believe that they will be released after they have been—processed?

A full line of processed and naturals, of which Liederkranz is the leader.

This particular document is, after the order is processed, filed in our records under the name of the respective customer.

She would have processed the order in writing up invoice No. 5371.

Then the filled jars are covered loosely and placed in a water bath and processed; that is, cooked and sterilized.