Processes [noun]

Definition of Processes:

method; series of actions to achieve result

Synonyms of Processes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Processes:

Sentence/Example of Processes:

It speaks to us through the processes of governing in the sovereignties of 48 States.

It was blasphemy to think of her in such case, subjected to the degradation of these processes.

We have succeeded, and I want to enjoy our success and forget its processes.

All the processes of the ages are God's science; all the flow of history is his poetry.

Part of it is lost; in some processes a considerable proportion.

The processes of Washington's understanding are entirely hidden from us.

The foregoing briefly describes the processes of direct printing.

We never see these processes of the mind, nor can we tell the causes of them.

The atom retains its identity through all combinations and processes.

These are the processes of division and generalization which are so dear to the dialectician, that king of men.