Processing [verb]

Definition of Processing:

subject to series of actions to achieve result

Synonyms of Processing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Processing:

Sentence/Example of Processing:

With crops which are perishable or bulky, "processing" must be performed locally.

She discerned that through her processing of the applications.

It translates our alphabet into its own alphabet, and then, after processing, it translates it back into ours.

They also provide for some 1401 processing while the transfer of data is taking place.

During the processing a thick liquid should exude, covering the pimientoes.

Colossal fortunes have been made in its processing and trade.

You'd know if you'd ever been here while the plant was processing and the wind was inshore.

Corn, pumpkin and sweet potatoes swell or expand in processing.

The cans are filled as full as possible, because after processing the fish will shrink some.

For processing short-length wool fibers its mechanization proved most difficult to achieve.