Proclaimed [verb]

Definition of Proclaimed:

advertise, make known

Opposite/Antonyms of Proclaimed:

Sentence/Example of Proclaimed:

My disgraces, if they are to have an end, need not be proclaimed to the whole world.

The whole air of him, though he was in civilian's clothes, proclaimed the policeman.

It proclaimed undeniably the wrong under which she had suffered.

They sat down and in their assembly they proclaimed his rank.

And yet, in less than a week, he proclaimed himself at Taunton Market Cross!

Yet there was a finish about the thin little body that proclaimed her fully grown.

They had proclaimed the deathship from Orede an attack from Dara.

One set vowed that the “g” in “goose” is hard, the other proclaimed that the “g” is soft.

Azuba was "advancing," just as she had proclaimed to Captain Dan that she intended to do.

Of these was Wolverstone, who at once proclaimed his hostility.