Proclaiming [verb]

Definition of Proclaiming:

advertise, make known

Opposite/Antonyms of Proclaiming:

Sentence/Example of Proclaiming:

In every moment of our life, conscience is proclaiming that our will is free.

Stukeley reported this to him, proclaiming it a sign of royal favour.

And you throw it up at the very moment people are proclaiming your success!

Mohammad, in proclaiming this war, had all the laws and justice on his side.

I have everywhere been proclaiming that I intend to bring an action.

"Mr. Kennedy, you are proclaiming the old Greek idea of the state," said Heideck.

King Olaf was proclaiming a change of law; men did not take it all in the same way.

They do not tire of proclaiming him as the source of wisdom.

They are proclaiming the glad tidings of the coming emancipation.

The Quakers began by proclaiming a modified freedom of religion.