Proclaims [verb]

Definition of Proclaims:

advertise, make known

Opposite/Antonyms of Proclaims:

Sentence/Example of Proclaims:

The man who proclaims with a hammer that he has picked a pocket with his tongue.

Certain it is, the rule is absolute that proclaims Success to be Desert!

We have another story of Watt's childhood that proclaims the coming man.

No Frenchman disputes it; no Frenchman, indeed, but proclaims it.

The praise of men often dies with the shout that proclaims it.

And he proclaims her right to break them: no angel set them down!

In a deed of gift he proclaims his extraordinary attributes.

This attitude at once proclaims thee a traitor to friendship and to love.

The pattern there erected at once proclaims what man is and prophesies what he shall be.

All the language which Scripture applies to it proclaims this to be its character.