Proclamations [noun]

Definition of Proclamations:

advertisement, announcement

Synonyms of Proclamations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Proclamations:


Sentence/Example of Proclamations:

They are proclamations admirable in sentiment and intention.

All of their inhabitants who have not obeyed the proclamations, and retired, are to leave at once.

His proclamations were provided by those who employed him, but his soul was his own.

Then how does your royal highness mean to treat the proclamations?

The town was placarded with proclamations of Trochu and Ducrot.

Similarly, the British generals were prodigal of promises in their proclamations.

Laws and proclamations were continually passed for the repression of vagrants.

Proclamations on this last subject had been published in March last.

The proclamations of the several pretenders had had their effect.

Dear Sir: I have read with interest your proclamations about "Coppers."