Procrastinating [verb]

Definition of Procrastinating:

delay, put off doing

Synonyms of Procrastinating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Procrastinating:

Sentence/Example of Procrastinating:

It was not quick to move or easily excited; but stolid, cautious, unambitious, procrastinating.

The last had passed like the others in procrastinating from hour to hour.

The last had passed like the others, in procrastinating from hour to hour.

If you are one of the procrastinating kind, start in at once and get over it.

Oh, this procrastinating mail, and this procrastinating post-office!

The proposal does not, however, "fetch" the Emperor, who goes on procrastinating.

She knew, as well as anyone, that she was lazy and procrastinating in the city.

You say I am always either too precipitate or too procrastinating.

The Pope did not believe it, and became again “lax and procrastinating.”

With this moral debility is joined the procrastinating spirit of the oriental.