Procreated [verb]

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He laughed at people who said that a castrato could not procreate.

The mother does not procreate the son; she only bears and cherishes the awakened life.

But in that case it is not necessary to procreate together (excuse my brutality).

They must get food somehow, they must sleep and wake, they must procreate.

The impulse to procreate the species is the most powerful expression of the "Will to Live."

On the other hand, the law is that the individual must procreate.

They have descendants, of that there is no room for doubt; they procreate though there are no males in their time.

They sprang from our nature, which seems expressly made to procreate and rear them.

To conquer an independence with the sole object to procreate, to breed, to traffic in, and to whip slaves!

When he breathed a soul into Adam he invested him with the power to procreate the souls as well as the bodies of his progeny.