Procreative [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Procreative:

The creative function of the male and the female in procreative conjunctivity.

But he is so only in the service of emotional and procreative woman.

And my senses, I perceive, belong not to me but to the procreative principles of biology.

Apart from the procreative necessity, was woman an unavoidable evil?

The procreative genius of her body would have kept him in life to give her more.

The virile who remain push the weaklings to the wall, particularly in the procreative contest.

When there is no procreation, although the procreative faculties are excited, we see these pseudo-morphoses arise.

Lothaire was said to have lost his procreative power completely, owing to infernal artifices of his concubine, Waldrada.

Each represents and embodies a different function of the supernatural—the one its procreative, the other its prophetic attribute.

Then its procreative power became weakened to the verge of exhaustion.