Procumbent [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Procumbent:

They occur in dense heads on procumbent or ascending stems 4-8 in.

Galium parisiense (uliginosum), with a square, furrowed, procumbent stem.

Procumbent or Prostrate, lying flat on the ground from the first.

The procumbent stem curved up and attained a state of equilibrium under the action of geotropic stimulus.

Its golden yellow flowers are densely produced in panicles on procumbent stems, 12in.

The habit of the plant is procumbent; stems contorted, and producing solitary flowers.

The most striking characteristics of the Prostrate Gromwell are its fine dark blue flowers and procumbent habit.

All these young shoots grow in the upward direction, leaving the procumbent branches to form an even line on the lower side.

The procumbent stems will, in strong patches, be found to supply rootlets in abundance.

When it once finds a happy home it increases fast; the thick stalks are procumbent and emit roots.