Procuration [noun]

Definition of Procuration:

obtaining or receiving

Synonyms of Procuration:

Opposite/Antonyms of Procuration:

Sentence/Example of Procuration:

The marriage by procuration was celebrated on the 16th of August, 1714.

Ridler it was, who once signalised a volume as difficult of procuration.

Whether any archdeacons have received more for procuration than they ought to receive according to the new constitution.

He was then directed to send his procuration to certain persons in the Netherlands, whom he might wish to appear in his behalf.

This commission drew up the project of procuration, and, by order of the king, no mention was made of the part he had had in it.

The Senate received the reports, and the consul then introduced the question of procuration.

Procuration was duly furnished here; and this is the fifth day since any expense on the part of the Bishop was incurred.

At present his little luxuries were knocked off, and in the future he foresaw a difficulty in the procuration of even necessaries.

Wogan held out the Pope's procuration to the Chevalier, who took it and devoutly kissed the signature.

I wish that he should have the delight of thinking that—that it shall be of his own procuration, to unfold this mysterious case.