Procured [verb]

Definition of Procured:

acquire, obtain

Synonyms of Procured:

Opposite/Antonyms of Procured:

Sentence/Example of Procured:

Every rational luxury is to be procured in England by such an income.

Every advantage of education is to be procured by the same means.

He also procured a couple of mules to transport his baggage.

Snow, when it can be procured, is still better than ice to mix with the salt.

For this an English side-saddle was procured—she was properly equipped and mounted.

Let a copy of every other edition ever printed be procured and deposited.

He had, it appeared, procured his own breakfast while on his way to us.

This forced the launch astern, and procured a momentary safety.

The Jesuit influence at Rome had procured the condemnation of the book.

Restoratives were procured, and at last she opened her eyes.